Creative Easter Basket Ideas
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Creative Easter Basket Ideas

I love Easter – maybe because I was born on Easter Sunday. I also have great childhood memories of fun Easter egg hunts at my grandparents’ house with my brothers and cousins.

Now that I have kids, I want to make memories for them like my own, with a little twist! Instead of the traditional goodies that kids get, I want to put a modern day spin on that “Easter basket.”

Here are some ideas for you to use this year instead of the traditional basket; find something your child likes and find a creative way to fill it up with fun treats. Easter baskets don’t have to always be filled with candy, it’s also a good time to get them things they can use this spring and summer.

So why not make the Easter Basket part of the little gift from the Easter Bunny?!

Dump Truck

For kids that love dump trucks, this is the perfect Easter basket idea! Fill the dumper part of the truck with candy, mini-cars and sidewalk chalk. I know any little boy would love this Easter basket!!

Lunch Boxes

My uncle did this for my boys this year. He got my youngest, Chase, a Philadelphia Phillies lunchbox filled with crayons, soft baseballs, Phillies shirt and hat. Nicholas’ Easter goodies were filled in a Philadelphia Eagles Lunchbox.

Any sports team, princess, or cartoon lunch boxes that can hold a spring picnic lunch can also double as a cute Easter basket!!

Purse or Bookbag

For example, get a Tinkerbell purse or any cute purse or Hello Kitty bookbag and fill with stickers, crayons, DVDs. My kids love fake tattoos, Barbies or pool toys! Nerf guns are always a big hit (Nerf Rebelle Secret Shot Blaster will definitely be a big win).

Dress Up Chest

My niece got one of these chests filled with dress up clothes, how cute would this be for your little girl? Have a boy that loves to dress up as super-heroes or ninjas? If so, do the same for them!

Beach Bags

For the older kids who are always at the pool during the summer, get them a cute beach tote filled with bathing suits, books, sundresses, lotions, and an iTunes gift card for new music to listen to by the pool!

What are some of your favorite Easter Basket ideas? 

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