Fun and Healthy Easter Basket Ideas
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Fun and Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

So it’s almost time for the Easter Bunny to visit again, but you’ve made a few new requests this year. You’d like to mix it up a little and go beyond just the plastic eggs, faux grass, and outrageous amounts of sugar. Here are some fresh ideas to fill those Easter baskets without copious amounts of candy:

Healthier Candy

Every kid in the universe is expecting at least some chocolate and candy in his or her basket but you can choose healthier options like UNREAL candy. These chocolates are delicious and have less sugar, are gluten-free, and have no artificial coloring! If you don’t think Easter is complete without jelly beans then go for Gimbal’s because they have Vitamin C, real juice and are food-allergy friendly (peanut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free).

Small Bills and Coins

Encourage your younger kids to start saving by filling the plastic eggs with quarters, nickels, dimes, and the occasional dollar. You can even include a new piggy bank in their basket and challenge them to fill it up with their spare change.

Gift Cards

For your older kids, you can include gift cards to their favorite stores or to nearby movie theaters and restaurants. We also love Vanilla Gift Cards because then they can purchase whatever they want! Tape the cards to large cutouts of easter eggs, chicks, bunnies, etc. and place them in their baskets to give it a nice decorative touch.

Girls Basket

Depending on the age of your girl, you can personalize their Easter baskets with items and accessories that young ladies would appreciate. Include pieces of jewelry, makeup, hair clips, cute stationary and pens, body lotion, a cute BARBIE Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ Doll or whatever else you can think of. If your child isn’t a girly girl, include books, DVDs, or iTunes gift cards instead.

Boys Basket

Think about your little guy’s interests and fill his basket with things he likes to play with. You might want to include toy cars, action figures, dinosaur characters, and bouncy balls among others. If he’s older, maybe throw in a new football or the baseball hat that he’s been dying to get. Or, include posters of their favorite bands or teams.

Family Activities

Make your kids’ Easter baskets a perfect opportunity to spend time together. Fill their baskets with puzzles, games, kid-friendly cookbooks, arts and crafts materials, such as shrinky dinks, or tickets to a local sporting event or amusement park. Instead of dealing with candy wrappers strewn across the living room floor, fill your child’s basket with an activity or future experience that will be much more rewarding than a tummy ache.


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