Organic Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy
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Organic Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Organic food has become all the rage in the last few years. Most people make the assumption that organic means healthy, but that isn’t always the case.

Certainly, it does have its benefits and yes, some foods are better to buy organic. However, consumers should be more mindful when assuming that anything slapped with an organic label is good for the body.

In a study conducted at Cornell University, a graduate student offered mall shoppers yogurt, chips, and chocolate sandwich cookies. They were offered two types: organic and regular. The shoppers then had to rate taste and quality levels after eating both samples. What the study revealed was that across the board, shoppers were likely to rate organic foods as being tastier and healthier (as in less fat, fewer calories, and more fiber.)

Seeing that organic label can be deceiving, but before throwing it in the shopping basket, take a look at at the ingredient list. Organic cane juice is practically the equivalent to sugar. Whether it’s organic or not, a high amount of sugar can be detrimental to you and your child’s health. It may be free of chemicals that other foods seem to be infused with, but take a look at the food label to make sure that it contains all of the nutrients you are looking for in your food.

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