When My 7-Year-Old Decided to Get a Job
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When My 7-Year-Old Decided to Get a Job

When my children were young, they thought they were rich if they had a handful of pennies.

Then they got older and realized that a handful of pennies might feel like a lot of money, but the reality is that it won’t buy you much.

But something has happened over the past few weeks. Suddenly it is as if it clicked for all six of them that there’s no money tree outside of the house where I go grab a few dollars to hand to them every time they need to do something or buy something.  It has been like the domino effect, where one started earning money and enjoying having her own money to spend on things and then one by one they all started to think of ways that they could earn money as well.

It started out when my two older girls got jobs at local businesses in town.  Between their jobs and doing some extra work babysitting for different families, I am proud to say that they are doing quite well for themselves.  They have even opened up their own bank accounts.  The younger four thought it was pretty cool that their sisters had money, so they came to me and asked if I could help them find ways to make money.

We sat down and I told them to tell me things they liked to do and we would see if maybe there was some way they could turn that into a way to earn money.

“I like to take care of dolphins” said Elle.  “And don’t forget about Sharks too!” added Finn.

“You are both good at caring for animals, but maybe we should care for the types of animals that we have already had some experience with,” I said.

The conversation continued with ideas to have some bake sales, being a “Mommy’s helper” and having a dog walking/sitting service.  I gave them some colored pens and some paper and told them to get busy writing down their ideas and making some signs to put up in the neighborhood.

Finn finished his and proudly brought it over to me so I could read it.  I had to bite my lip to keep myself from chuckling.  Here is what his sign said:

Finn’s Dog-Sitting

No dogs with diseases

Adult dogs included

Age 8

Dog will have playmate.

I know I’m young but I am

Highly trained because I had lots of dogs.

Dog will have food and water and chew toys and lots of care.

I have six siblings – now do you trust me?

I told him that it was perfect.  My little entrepreneur.

The girls have already had a bake sale and been a “Mommy’s helper” and I hired Finn to take our dog on a walk around the block with his sisters each day.  I’m very proud of all of the children for getting out there and earning a little bit of money this summer.

It’s fun to see them learning the value of a dollar and enjoying having some money of their own.  Who knows maybe one day they will make enough to take care of their dear ole’ mother.

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