Not Just  A Skinny Blonde: Technology is For Girls Too
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Not Just A Skinny Blonde: Technology is For Girls Too

This article is sponsored by Verizon®.

Verizon® is launching a new initiative working to encourage girls’ love of the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They made a powerful commercial showing how the subtle social cues that we send girls such as – “don’t get your dress dirty”, “you’re so pretty” can discourage curiousity, exploration and discovery of the world around them. Our words have an impact that we often don’t think about…

But we can change this – we can encourage our girls to explore these subjects at an early age.

Jessie Jane in the video below talks about how exposure to computer classes at an early age sparked her love of technology and helped tremendously in launching her successful business. 

Less than 25% of STEM jobs are held by women, but 80% of jobs in the next decade will require these skills.

Join VERIZON® in encouraging her love for STEM subjects, #InspireHerMind. To learn more, visit

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