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10 Tips for Beating the Holiday Bulge

The nuts and bolts of why most Americans gain 2-6lbs every Holiday season is because we eat more and exercises less. We can’t change the amount of time between now and January 1st, but we can change how we use that time. Maintaining is the new losing during the Holidays. The easiest strategy to beat the bulge is to try to consume less calories in the coming festive weeks (then you normally would) before January 1st and get in more exercise.  Given the extra strain on our schedules, this is easier said then done. Here are some tips to help you beat the holiday bulge.

1) Don’t push your workouts out of the way because you’re too busy. If you need to wake up earlier and do a workout for 20 min, 4 days a week then do it. This will counteract the inevitable extra calorie intake. My www.m-train.com fitness app will also keep you slim and allow you to workout from anywhere.

2) Get your friends and family involved in keeping fit through the holidays… group accountability is strong stuff.

3) There are usually multiple parties during the holidays. Pick the 2 events that you are going to splurge at and keep that in mind during the other occasions. Ask yourself, “ Did I want to gain weight at this party.”

4) Wear tight or form fitting clothing to a potentially high caloric gathering to remind yourself of where your waistline is at.

5) Look for the lighter calorie appetizers like shrimp, lettuce wraps, oven roasted instead of fried foods, chicken wings with a low cal dip, tomato salsa over guacamole.

6) Have wine or champagne instead of eggnog or cocktails.

7) Work the room or start dancing, this gives you something to do instead of standing or sitting and snacking.

8) When you go to serve yourself, give yourself half of the portion size that you think you want and load your plate up with servings of veggies. You can always go back if you really need to.

9) If you find yourself bored and snacky go outside for a few minutes and get some air or start an interesting conversation with someone.

10) Volunteer for a “job” at the party or play with the kids, this will keep you active and not consuming calories for a little while- you may even find yourself burning cals!

Essentially you are in a game with the clock—trying to enjoy the all of the precious social time with friends and loved ones that you can without eating your way completely through it. Pick any two tips tips on the list to follow and stick to per social occasion and I promise you will come out ahead.

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