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Fit and Foxy for Memorial Day!!

Fit and Foxy for Memorial Day!

Memorial Weekend is 5 days away and summer is coming fast. Who doesn’t want to look and feel great?

Believe it or not 5 days IS enough time to start looking and feeling sexy for the summer. Below is a 5 day regime guaranteed to help you look nuclear hot in this year’s summer fashions.

So what’s “IN” this summer?

-Skinny jeans cropped and rolled up with strappy sandals or wedges

-Short shorts:- cropped denim and dressed up for night with loose tops and revealing tanks- or pair them with a boyfriend blazer and heels.

 -Whether you prefer a one piece or a bikini- a flat stomach or a tan sexy midriff is usually the best accessory!

-And don’t forget the short dresses and jumpsuits!

 Let’s face it, even if you sport the boyfriend jeans you can’t exactly get away with the boyfriend sweatshirt in the summer.

Now…how are you going to work on your body?

It all begins with your attitude. Repeat after me “I am going to have a hot and sexy summer and I am going to feel that way no matter what I am doing!”

Next we add a few exercises and eating tips and you’re golden for the summer.

Day 1

Fitness: Intervals

q      30 Second Straight Arm Plank –for more of a challenge, while still in the plank lift/lower ea leg for 20 reps.

q      1 minute Jumping Jacks – for more of a challenge hold 1-3lb weights while doing them.

             REPEAT 4x in a row


q      10 Lunges each Leg– for more of a challenge hold 5-10lb weights overhead

q      20 Run Downs – Start form a standing position. Bend down and put your hands on the floor while you run your legs back until your stomach is flat on the ground. Run your legs back in and stand up. That is one rep. Continue for 20 reps

             REPEAT 4x in a row


Food class=”Apple-style-span”>:

q      Write down your food

q      Replace any after 4pm carb snacks with baby carrots or hardboiled eggwhites

q      Skip bread with dinner



Day 2-

Fitness: Abs and Cardio

q      1 min of Bicycle crunches followed by 1 min oblique crunches.

q      30-45 min of cardio. Outdoor running or fast walking, treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc…



q      Eat Smaller Portions- period.


Day 3-

Fitness: Intervals

q      1 min Forearm Plank –for more of a challenge, while still in the plank lift/lower ea leg for 20 reps.

q      1 min Lunges on Each Leg– this one is tough- hang in there

q      60 Bicycle Crunches

q      10 Kneeling push-ups

q      Touch n’ Reach 15 reps– squat down with your feet staggered and touch the floor while trying to keep your chest up. From here jump straight up with your hands to the ceiling and land back into a squat with your other leg slightly in front and your hands on the ground. That is one rep- repeat as fast as you can for 15 reps. These will burn!




q      Write down your food as soon as you eat it or right before. The longer you wait the less honest you may find yourself.


Day 4-

Fitness: Cardio “Plus”

q      30 minutes of Cardio plus an extra set of stairs, walk around the block, set of push-ups, etc… For a bigger challenge, take a class before or after.



q      Steak in salad can be more satisfying then chicken or fish helping you not to snack afterwards


Day 5-

Fitness: Find a class, go for a long walk with a friend, or repeat one of the earlier days.



q      Plan your strategy when eating out and stick with it! Nurse a drink and consciously choose wisely.



Summer fashions are more fun when you feel better about yourself. This 5 day intensive can be done anytime and repeated indefinitely. You can even re-arrange the order of the days and it will be just as effective. The key is consistency!


Have a great summer! I’m always here to answer your questions.


For more from Kristin, please visit www.mydailytrainer.com


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