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7 Days To Skinnier Jeans!

It’s true – you can be skinnier in your jeans in 7 days and you only need a little planning and10-20 min a day of exercise to do it.

Repeat after me, “I am ready to be the leaner and healthier person that I know that I can be. I am ready to feel sexier in my jeans!” 

Attitude is your number one step to success. Your attitude can make or break your week. Everyone who has successfully lost weight from 1lb-100lbs has the “can do” attitude surrounding it.

Now, take the next step to success and commit to yourself for one week. The formula is simple: eat right for 7 days, exercise for 5 of those seven, and find someone to cheer you on. It’s that straight forward.

Here is your plan of attack:


  1. Meals – plan your meals. Plan them only 1-3 days at a time. Most of our plans get mixed up anyway but we can all seem to keep a handle on something in small batches like 1 –3 days. I am speaking from true experience here. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner keeping your calories to 500 or under for each meal including drinks. Have one or two 150 calorie snacks in the day trying to stay in the fruit, yogurt, cheese, veggie with dip category.


  1. Exercise – have your exercise routine at your fingertips. Keep it simple-this is crucial. That might mean a grocery store DVD for $10, a quick gym routine, or a set of 15 squats, 15 lunges on each leg, followed by 15 kneeling push ups repeated 2-3x in your living or bedroom. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge commitment.


  1. Support – tell someone about your plan who is going to support (not sabotage) your commitment.  Don’t put pressure on this person to join you-simply let them know your plan and to have an encouraging attitude.


  1. Track your progress for all 7 days–  this step makes your efforts fool-proof. Keep your cals to 1500 (remember it’s not forever). Write down what kinds of physical activity you do. This includes working out, moving furniture, walking the dog and playing with kids. I use a piece of printer paper folded in half on my desk as my log. It works perfectly for me. Find what works for you. Use it as a reference throughout your day.


If you commit to your plan, buck-up and get over obstacles like being tired or feeling like you have no time, your results will impress you, continue to motivate you and make you a happier person. I guarantee it.

For more extreme results, each day take out one or two snacks, and add more exercise like 30-40min of cardio 3x a week or a neighborhood exercise class.


For help getting started, workout routines, meal plans, motivation, progress tracking, guidance, and someone to cheer you on, please go to my website www.mydailytrainer.com .


At My Daily Trainer, I have streamlined the process for you with a series of short and extremely effective workout videos that focus on the areas that are most problematic for us girls. Combine these workouts with the easy and yummy options from Kristin’s Kitchen and you have a no fail, skinny jeans success story!

It’s real, affordable, totally worth it and perfect for someone with no time. 


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