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TEXTING AND DRIVING = DEATH Please take the pledge not to text and drive!

This is VERY important, and EVERYONE should listen up!

Over Easter weekend, a young girl was hit by a car and killed in Malibu.  She was killed by a driver who was texting during the time of this horrible accident.  The accident was totally preventable and unnecessary. It has changed more than the one life lost.  

How do you tell a child that their friend is no longer with us?  This is the first time that many of these kids in Malibu have ever had to deal with a death of one of their peers. The most frustrating thing is this DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.  If anything good can come out of this horrible loss that Malibu has recently experienced, it would be a reality check.  A reality check to help us ALL check our phones at the door, literally.  

If you feel as strongly as I do, please take the “Oprah No Phone Zone Pledge!”


I also have to say I saw a celebrity who has endorsed “no texting while driving” texting on Sunset Blvd. yesterday.  Lets step it up a little bit people.  BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD!

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