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Sexy and Slim for the Rest of the Summer!

The Fourth of July Weekend is almost here!! AAAH!

I’ve got your answer for getting Sexy, Slim and Energized in time for the long weekend and the rest of summer!

It’s that time of year when it stays lighter later and plans for the summer are getting underway; including the 4th of July!.  Wondering how you are going to fit into those cut off shorts or mini summer dress? What about a bikini? Yikes! Yep- happens to all of us! Summer just creeps up. That being said….there is still some time to get it together.

We ALL feel sexier when we are happy with our bodies.  The good news is that summer has just begun and if you are motivated to shape up- you can still make some significant changes.

You already know that eating right and exercising are what you do to lose weight, gain energy, and feel sexy. The problem is that we don’t always find ourselves doing it.

Here are the 5 things that you need to do to make you slimmer, sexier and more energized (in as little as a week’s time) that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine:


1)    Drink water- lots of water. Along with giving you glowing skin and diminishing celulite, water is the baseline of your metabolism working correctly. We sure want that working!

2)    Eat light- well, but light. This especially goes for when you have chips and drinks in front of you. Draw out your drinks and only have a few chips here and there so you don’t feel deprived. Pick 2 big parties to splurge at and keep it skinny for the rest. For the rest of the time, choose light fresh foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats or light tofu. Make exciting salads, grilled food, and stir frys.

3)    Everyday schedule in 45min to an hour just for you. Do whatever you want to with the time. Change up what you do in that hour. You can read, get your nails done, get a spray tan. (I recommend Chocolate Sun in LA), workout or meet up with friends.

4)    Figure out your summer look. Believe it or not, this will make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. If you don’t like what is in your closet, buy a few cheap t-shirts, or a new favorite pair of jeans to roll-up, and some cute wedges and you will be amazed at your confidence.

5)    Stretch for 5 min everyday. Stretching for 5 min a day will change your life for the better. Guaranteed. If you do only one of the 5 things I’ve mentioned make it this one. Major celebs swear by it- including Ellen Degeneres, Sting, Meg Ryan, Ricky Martin, Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow. Need I say more?

Even if you did a few of these 5 things everyday you will see results quickly. 

For more from Kristin including meal plans and 12 min full body workouts that you can do anywhere, please visit www.mydailytrainer.com.


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