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Fast, Easy, Effective Cardio

Whether your indoors or out, bored by machines or not- here are some super effective cardio suggestions. You are guaranteed to feel fit, fancy and really self confident afterwards. Maybe even do one each day for three days? See how that feels!

 Indoors: Treadmill: 2min walk (fast/uphill), 2min jog (uphill or flat), 1min run (fast and flat)–3x in a row. Then continue for another 1.5 –2 miles fast walking, jogging, or  a combination of both.

 Outdoors: Seek out a challenging hill that you know of. Power walk up it for 30 minutes straight and then turn around and walk or jog back down. Stay focused, have soft knees and keep your shoulder’s back and chest up on the way down. If the hill isn’t long enough for one trip, take as many as you need for the uphill minutes to add up to 30. You can always do this pushing a stroller too!

 Brian, my counterpart at M-TRAIN has this to add:

 Hey Kris,

How about an alternative if the idea of doing Cardio on a machine (bike, treadmill, elliptical, etc) is sounding boring? I like to put 5 or 6 movements together, say; pull-ups, push-ups, goblet squats, shoulder press and step ups for example. Do them in a circuit for 30- 45 minutes without stopping. Doesn’t matter how many reps you do for each movement, just keep moving through until your time is up. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of your typical cardio session and you get the added bonus of some strength training.”

 Good Luck!


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