Brooke Burke Makes Fitness Fashionable With Caelum Line
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Brooke Burke Makes Fitness Fashionable With Caelum Line

Do you ever put off hitting the gym because you don’t have your workout clothes? Or because you don’t want to walk around in grubby sweats for the rest of the day and you know you won’t have time to stop home and change?

Brooke Burke-Charvet believes that fitness should be fashionable – and her new line of activewear certainly proves her point!

“Caelum” is a collaboration between the ModernMom co-CEO and her brother-in-law, fashion mogul Daniel Guez. The line, available in stores this January, is filled with super cute performance tops, sweatpants, pullovers and sports bras – all of which will retail for under $80.00.

Caelum is an acronym for the inspirational message that defines the brand. It stands for “Core, Active, Evolve, Live, Uplift and Motivate”

Of course, we just had to talk to Brooke about this exciting new project:

“It’s been a long time dream to develop an active leisure line for women everywhere with a busy lifestyle like mine,” she said. “Health and fitness is a huge part of my life, but what’s been missing from my fitness wardrobe are the possibilities to transition that look to carry me through the day without having to do a wardrobe change.”

“On many days, I’m working out, running errands for the kids, stopping off at school, meeting girlfriends for lunch – and I have no time to change in between,” she explained.

“I know that women are working out harder, more often, getting stronger and staying in their fitness clothes all day long. My intention is to teach them how to do it in a stylish way so that they can feel comfortable and fashionable.”

Right on! We can’t wait to try out these adorable workout clothes!

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