My Sweet Treat: Taking a Day Off From Being the Strict Mom
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My Sweet Treat: Taking a Day Off From Being the Strict Mom

Over the weekend, I took my five year-old son Nicholas to his second MLB game. I couldn’t wait to get him in on the action. We were very excited heading into town to meet my brother for the game.

As we were walking into the game, I asked my brother who was pitching. “It should be a boring game,” said Uncle John.  Well, the game turned to be anything but boring. I also never thought I would learn so much at a baseball game!

Our seats were six rows up from third base!  “We could actually catch a foul ball!” I told Nicholas.

When we went up to the concession stands, I asked Nicholas what he wanted, and he said an orange soda. Nicholas always asks me for soda, and I always say no. He has had soda plenty of times from grandmoms, and even my husband, but the only soda he gets from me is a little ginger ale when he is sick.

So this time, when I handed him that orange soda and giant salted soft pretzel, he was the happiest kid in the world. He also got a huge bag of cotton candy that he ate in about five minutes, which he washed down with vanilla ice cream and a root beer!

As moms we never get to be the ones to spoil our kids. We tend to be the ones who just make sure our kids are eating enough fruits and vegetables. I have battles with Nicholas to eat healthy every day. When he is allowed junk food, it is usually given to him by his dad, grandparents, or aunts and uncles.

This day at the game I gave him the treats, and it was so much fun to say, “Yes!” Pizza for dinner after the game, with another root beer… yes!

As a stay at home mom, I have to be strict on teaching my son manners, practicing letters and words for school, and eating healthy. But after the game I realized I also need to teach him, “Work Hard Play Hard!”

We had so much fun at that baseball game; Nicholas lost his second tooth in the fourth inning, and caught a foul ball in the seventh!  And I realized sometimes it is ok to say “yes” to our kids on treats that they don’t get every day.  This Sunday game was anything but boring.

Summer is the perfect time to pick a day take your kids somewhere fun like a ballgame, or an amusement park, or even just the backyard for some fun! Just let go of what they should be eating, relax and even have the kids pick the menu. Pizza and ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner? Why not….one day of this won’t hurt them. Enjoy some summer fun with your kids!!

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