How To Cover Up a Pimple
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How To Cover Up a Pimple

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to discover a giant red zit staring back at you in the mirror.

But fear not! You can still look great even on the days when your skin is rebelling with these expert tips for hiding imperfections.

How to Cover Up a Pimple

Shift the focus:

Make another area of your face the focal point – such as your eyes, your cheeks, or your lips. For example, if you have a pimple on your chin – consider bumping up your eye makeup, using more mascara or curling your eyelashes. Taupe eye shadows is another great glam-mommy trick.

Make it disappear:

Apply your foundation all over first.

Buy a tinted treatment gel and apply it directly onto the pimple. The green will neutralize and correct the redness in the pimple. Then apply the concealer onto the center of the pimple with a concealer brush or your finger.

Blend into your foundation to minimize the appearance. Then set with powder.

Keep all the colors you are using on your face in the warm family… this will also downplay any redness. (Think colors in the sunset.)

Voila – Say bye-bye to blemishes!

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