Staying Mindful of Our Children’s Safety
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Staying Mindful of Our Children’s Safety

The news, debates, and commentary about Jerry Sandusky and the child abuse cases against him are slowly fading from our daily newsfeed. Most likely, people have had enough of thinking about the horrible abuses against all those children. That’s what scares me.

In the beginning when all the allegations were surfacing, the world refused to believe this was possible.  When they were forced to recognize that not only was it happening but it was happening at one of the country’s favorite universities, they were outraged.  Then, the outrage started dying down.  That’s what scares me.

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The only way to prevent child abuse is to recognize the signs that it is happening and do something about it.  The only way to keep people mindful of the actions they should be taking is to keep the it in the headlines.  As parents, we have the power to fight child abuse, to fight legislations that protect those who have committed crimes against children, and to keep the lines of communication open with our own children.

One thing you can do to be proactive against child abuse is to join the KidSafe Foundation.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest preventative and protective methods.  Read our blogs and use them to start conversations with your children about staying safe when you’re not there.  Let them know that you’re always there, and they can talk to you about everything.  Most importantly, keep sharing the news with your friends.

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Remember: it takes a village to keep our children safe.  With KidSafe Foundation, you shouldn’t be alone in working to prevent child abuse. If the news stories of child abuse disappear, the outrage and the desire for change will disappear, too.  So be afraid for your children, be so afraid that it will give you the courage to get involved and help promote the protection and prevention of crimes against children. Then and only then do our children have a chance at being safe.

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