How to Increase Creativity in Your Work & Life
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How to Increase Creativity in Your Work & Life

Does your work require you to be creative? Are you a writer, artist, or photographer looking to find new ideas? Maybe you’re a Mom like me that recognizes how important creativity is to your overall wellbeing, fulfillment and happiness.

As a blogger, creativity is extremely important in the work that I do. It is the same for almost every profession out there, whether you’re a scientist, teacher, or stay-at-home Mom… kids do know how to throw the craziest stuff your way making creativity necessary – no?! No matter who you are or what you do creativity can have a positive impact on your life. Through my work I have found that there is one major secret to increasing creativity. It might just surprise you!

Watch the video to find out how you can increase creativity in your work and life, and be happier for it!

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Have you found ways to increase creativity in your life? Are there times when you are more creative than others? Does creativity impact your overall happiness? Any thoughts on creativity you can share?

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