Easy Summer Soup Recipes
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Easy Summer Soup Recipes

Everyone enjoys eating soup, but in the summertime, most people put their soup-eating on hold.  The heat of summer is actually one of the best times for soup, as it is water-rich, uses the fresh garden produce that is so abundant in summer, and best of all, many soups are best when served cool.

The following two soups are basic recipes. Feel free to spice them up if you wish, but they are truly fine on their own. The rich flavors of tomato, mango, and celery are enough to carry the recipes.

If you wish to add some fresh herbs, chopped vegetables, or even some crushed nuts or seeds, feel free to do so. Every soup is unique. You can easily customize the recipes to meet your preferences. If it is really hot outside, you might even try chilling these soups before serving.

Tomato Mango Soup

It just is not possible to mess up this soup!  Any ratio of mango and tomato will work just fine.  Tomatoes and mangoes are both at their peak during the August heat, so enjoy this dish at room temperature or cooler while the weather is hot.

  • You can blend or mix the two ingredients (tomato and mango) in any way you wish; coarse, fine, pureed smooth, or chunky.
  •  Start with any variety of tomato that you enjoy, and a non-stringy variety of mango, such as Keitt or Kent.
  •  Blend in roughly equal quantities to your desired coarseness and serve. Lime goes well as a garnish.

Tomato Celery Soup

When the heat is really on, nothing beats this cool soup!

  • Blend 2 or 3 large tomatoes.
  •  Remove the leaves from 6-9 stalks of celery and cut the stalks into 1/4″ pieces.
  •  Put celery in the food processor, using the “S” blade, until it is quite fine.
  •  Mix the celery and tomato in a bowl, and serve at room temperature or cooler.

Stay cool and enjoy!

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