Kids Have No Filter: Funniest Reader Submissions
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Kids Have No Filter: Funniest Reader Submissions

Last week, we featured a blog post called “Frank and Funny: Kids Have No Filters.” It’s about those moments when your child says something totally embarrassing and you wish the floor would just open up and swallow you whole.

You know what we’re talking about – you’re in a public place, when all of the sudden your little darling loudly points out some observation or repeats something you once told them.

So we asked our readers to share some of their stories and we were overwhelmed by the responses! From funny to mortifying, it seems like we’ve all been there.

Here are some of our very favorites:

“My son’s first sentence was copying me in a bit of road rage from being ran up a curb. “Freaking hag!” he told everyone.” – @SeekingMartha

“She farted really loud in the doctor’s office and said. ‘Mommy… was that you?’ Her brother taught her that.” – Kimberly

“In a public restroom, my oldest son, then two, asked me very loudly, ‘Mommy, where’d your winky go?! Did it fall off?!'” – Barbara

“My friend’s little one asks me – loudly – in the Michael’s Craft store, ‘Jen, why is that man so fat? Wait, is that a man or a woman?'” – @_BelleLaVie_

“At a truck stop with my 3 year old daughter Ruca, she saw a man with a turban on and yelled ‘Mom, that’s a funny looking genie'” – Amberly

“My almost 4-year-old the other day in Rita’s Italian Ice: ‘Hey mom! Look at that man who ate so much. He keeps eating and gets bigger and bigger. Like a giant ‘cept he doesn’t get too tall.'” – Amanda

And the one that tops them all:

“My daughter was 2 and a half and I was very pregnant with my third child. She thought the only way I could be pregnant was to eat a baby. We had talked about it on the way to the store and she was very angry with me, asking how could I have a baby in my belly if I didn’t eat it first. When we got to the store she would yell at anyone with a baby, ‘Watch your baby, my mom eats them. Look!’ as she’s pointing to my belly.” – Crystal

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