I’m Going to Disneyland! Without the Kids! (June Cleaver Would Not Approve)
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I’m Going to Disneyland! Without the Kids! (June Cleaver Would Not Approve)

I grew up in Southern California. It was a great place to enjoy childhood, what with easy access to beaches, practically year round sunshine and Disneyland. I have tons of great memories of visiting Disneyland starting when I was five (when, much to my parents horror, I apparently spent most of my time pointing at costumed characters and other features and declaring them fake) and up through when I left for college. I remember often asking to go to Disneyland when I was little and my mom (and other moms) answering that it was a little too far away for more than an annual visit.

Fast forward thirty plus years to me taking my boys, three years and seven months, to Disneyland for the first time and realizing that it was just 45 minutes away.  With that revelation, and the amazing time we had, we quickly became annual pass holders and return often. We average four times per year as a family, but sometimes I’ll take each boy separately. We go for Halloweentime, Christmas, and usually birthdays. We’ve taken a Disney cruise two years in a row, my younger son has been Mickey Mouse for Halloween (I was Minnie) and his room has a Mickey theme. We each have Mickey ears embroidered with our names. So, um, we’re fans. (By the way, Mom, the gig is up: Not only do I know that Disneyland is close to home but also that Rice Krispie Treats are NOT hard to make. Oh, the lies.)

So how excited was I to have the opportunity to join with Disney for an In Home Bloggers Event? Beyond. Next week I’ll be getting a behind the scenes look at some of their new releases for enjoyment in your home.  Disney films were a big part of my childhood and a big part of my boys too. I’m going to get to preview the following films and report back to you:

Finding Nemo: 3D

I can barely imagine how awesome this will be. The film holds a special place in my heart as I called my oldest son “Squishy” when he was a baby (oh, ok, and now), just like Dory called her  jellyfish. Like her and the jellyfish, I did not realize either how an infant could also nearly kill you despite his soft, cute and seemingly harmless exterior.

Finding Nemo: 3D will be in theaters on September 14, pretty much perfect timing to celebrate back to school and the inevitable heat with some classic Disney in the theater. The Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack will be available December 4 (hello, holiday gift giving!).

Cinderella: Diamond Edition