Guided Meditation: Feeling Overwhelmed
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Guided Meditation: Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you feel like you have too much going on? Does life sometimes feel like a hamster wheel? Do you ever wonder how you are possibly going to get everything done? Do you question whether you’ll get to those tasks that you can never seem to find time for? This video is for you!

The best way to get more done and handle life efficiently, while simultaneously enjoying life more is to take a few minutes of downtime to set your heart and mind straight. This guided meditation is created specifically for those times you are feeling overwhelmed, although it can be beneficial anytime you feel you need a break in order to reset. This meditation will help guide you back to peace and harmony.

The more at peace and calm we feel, the better able we are to tackle our day with joy in our heart and a smile on our face.

If you have a few minutes, continue the meditation in silence after the video ends. If you find it challenging to close your eyes and completely let go, watch it a second time to allow deeper relaxation because you’ll know what to expect.

YouTube video

Return to this video whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. When life starts to challenge you and you are in need of a shift in mindset.

With love, peace, & gratitude,
Wendy Irene

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