What is it About Breasts?
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What is it About Breasts?

The Oscar’s illustrious “boob song” didn’t really affect me, but I did think it seemed rather juvenile, until I saw a click through to the best celebrity breasts. I started thinking about what the BEST breasts meant, beyond who has them and what shape they are in.

Personally, I think the best ones are healthy breasts that are cancer free, used to breastfeed and have survived a lifetime of just being with us.

Breasts seem to monopolize our lives.   For example, think of Anne Hathaway’s Oscar dress or the attention people get when they show cleavage – it never goes unnoticed. Some people even go without a bra when wearing a revealing dress.  Heaven help us if someone accidentally shows a nipple.

If we look at boobs in another way, we still see a lot of debate about whether breastfeeding should be done in public or not.  The debaters sometimes forget that the breast is about nutrition and not an erotic action.  The noise about BOOBS is loud and not always in a good way.

Why are we so obsessed??

One frequently asked question from teens that I, as a health expert, receive through the beinggirl.com website is:  How can I make my breasts larger?  Below is is a common response:

There are no pills, creams, exercises or food for increasing breast size.  Breast development, body style, and height are determined by genetics.  Look at your mom, grandmother, sisters or aunts you on both sides of your family.  You breasts will look like those of relatives more than those of your friends.  Some women and teens are bigger breasted than others. This just the way things happen.  Be happy you are growing healthy and learn to love the body you have!

A paper I found from Stanford University titled, “The History of the Breast,” is part of a larger history of the body series. The article talks about the function of the breast, which is to provide milk through lactation, as well as their cultural significance as sexual.  Nothing has changed from Renaissance times.  I also found an article on naughty French fashion from the 18th century.  The fashions are different but the “shock” of an exposed nipple remains the same.

What do I think?  I think that women have them and men don’t – before you say AH HA, we all know that.  That is the where the interest and the difference lies.  Men want to see them and women want theirs to be healthy and fit some cultural norm as beautiful.

It all goes back to what we also tell teens:

Breasts get a lot of attention during puberty because they’re new and not everyone gets them at the same time. Remember everyone’s breasts are different. What’s important is the way you feel about your breasts and whatever their shape or size, you come to accept them as another unique and beautiful part of you.

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