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Men More Likely To Survive A Heart Attack if Married

Good news ladies! New studies show that married men are less likely to be the victim of a heart attack then their unmarried counterparts. This new information even suggests that marriage is good for a man’s health! It has been shown through many studies that married men carry a lower risk of dying from a heart attack or stoke, live longer, and more likely to see their doctors on a regular basis.

New research shows that men who have chest pain will go to the hospital earlier if they are married. Going to the doctor early can often determine whether you survive the heart attack or not. This keeps men healthier and reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes. In comparison, a women’s relationship status had no connection with how fast they went to the doctor for chest pains.

Women often take the caregiver role for their husbands much more then the husbands do for their wives. It has been reported that even if the wife doesn’t directly influence the husband to see a doctor, married men will still go for a check up.

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