Console Gaming System for Toddlers?
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Console Gaming System for Toddlers?

Recently, I was asked to review the WEBEE. It’s a console game system for toddlers. Originally, I was skeptical. Is this necessary? But I thought I would give it a try. My kids and I recently tested it and were pleasantly surprised.

Its plug and play ability make it easy to set up and use, for people like myself, who start to freak out when a device comes with more than 2 wires. The design is sleek and while not small, it’s great for little hands.  The games themselves are fun and educational to play. Both my kids liked them.

As a parent, I also appreciate that I am not confined to specific WEBEE games. If I was a programmer, I could develop my own online games via their software development kit (SDK). I see huge potential with the WEBEE for toddlers between the ages of 3 -5 years old.

The only draw back for me is that I’m not a parent who plays console gaming systems. If I or my husband played console games, this is a system we would consider.

That said, another reason why I chose to write about the WEBEE is because they have a campaign on Kickstarter – click here to go to their page. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Basically, you ask your fellow man for funds in order to develop your project. The kicker (ha!); however is that you have to raise all of your money within a specific time frame or else you don’t receive any money.

A lot of the projects on Kickstarter are for geeks and funded by geeks. I’ve seen many educational projects not go through on kickstarter because, let’s be honest, they aren’t geeky enough or sexy. So I would encourage as many people as possible to visit WEBEE’s page on kickstarter to help make this product a reality.  WEBEE is an independent company and another great example of how small companies can produce innovative products.

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