Six Great Finds For Summer
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Six Great Finds For Summer

Can you believe it’s already July? The kids will be back in school before you know it.  

Don’t fret though; there is still lots of time for summer fun.  Here are some of my favorite products I’ve found this summer that I want to share with you! Check them out for the couple of months of hot weather we have left!

1. Pack It

This is a foldable, freezable lunch bag.  You can fold it up and put it in the freezer, and then you can open it and put all your food inside!  Pack It keeps food and drinks cold for up to 10 hours and it is PVC/lead free, non toxic, earth safe and reusable!  So great to have for trips to the park, beach or pool! 

2. Tkees

These stylish flip flops are called “cosmetics for your feet!”  Tkees come in so many colors, and are a fun way to make your feet look sexy and stylish! Match them up to your pedicure and look oh so fashionable! 

3. Pink Chicken

I adore Pink Chicken’s clothing for both little ones and mamas.  You can even do a little mommy/daughter matching!  Moms, you can wear a gorgeous, flowy dress or top in one of their beautiful fabrics, and match it to a cute little outfit for your little gal.  So tasteful and stylish, you’ll be one fashionable duo!

4. Bobble

A Bobble is a reusable water bottle that filters water as you use it!  With colorful, sleek designs, they are great for both little ones and grownups.  It filters the water as you drink it, using a replaceable carbon filter.  When water passes through the filter, the carbon removes chlorine and organic contaminants.  What a smart way to drink water! 

5. Lunchbots

I love Lunchbots!  They are such a great way to pack snacks or lunch for your little ones (Or even for you).  Lunchbotsare made of stainless steel, are very durable and free of plastic and BPA.  Great for going on a picnic or for school lunches!

6. Towel Mate

These beach towels are such a great idea!  They have hidden water-resistant pockets sewn in them for your little one to keep his or her treasures found at the beach, sunscreen or little toys- anything is possible!  Towel Mate are made from 100% velour cotton so they are soft and snuggly, too.

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