Thrift Store Craft Ideas for Kids
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Thrift Store Craft Ideas for Kids

Need an inexpensive DIY project to do with your little ones? We’re going to turn thrift store art into fun, family art!

Jessie Jane, founder of Lilyshop, shows you how to amp up your child’s creativity with a project you’ll love to have hanging in your living room.

Let’s Craft!


  • A piece of artwork from the thrift store (something with a pretty frame)
  • Paintbrushes
  • White paint
  • Paint to match your living room



Research the artwork you picked up at the thrift store to make sure it isn’t something valuable that you’re covering up.  It’s usually a good choice to pick something without an artist’s signature.

Using white paint, cover the canvas with 4-5 coats.  This will give your child a blank canvas to play with.

Give your child a paint brush and a selection of colors that you don’t mind displaying in your home (for example, you may not want hot pink and purple if your living room is predominantly neutral).

Once they are done with their masterpiece, write their name and age on the bottom, so you can always look back at what an artist they were when they were little (and if they grow up artistic, you can watch their progress through the years). 

When it’s dry, put the canvas back in the frame it came with, and hang it up for everyone to see.  You’ll have something precious to display forever!

Want to watch Jessie take you through this project step by step? Check out the video below – and be sure to take a look at all the other great craft videos on the ModernMom YouTube Channel.

Planning to try this at home? We’d love to see how it turns out! Send us photos of your crafty efforts and we’ll add them to our photo gallery!

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