How to Make a Papier Mache Moon
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How to Make a Papier Mache Moon

Kids are fascinated by the MOON!  Make a moon craft out of layers of papier mache and the greatest thing is that it turns into a homemade NIGHTLIGHT.  Kids will enjoy their very own moon lighting up their room.


  • 8×11 paper sheets (x7)
  • 1 balloon
  • 2 disposable bowls
  • 1 8 oz. glue
  • 1 mixing stick
  • 1 battery operated tea light




Step 1:  Make the papier mache paste by mixing 2 parts glue + 1 part water.  Use the the mixing stick to combine into a liquid paste.


Step 2:  Blow up the balloon to the desired size of the “moon”.  Use one bowl to hold up your balloon.

Step 3:  Tear the paper sheets into 2-inch strips or squares.  (Let your child be carefree about tearing paper.  It doesn’t have to be in perfect shapes.)


Step 4:  Dip paper strips into the paste.  Run the strips between your fingers to squeeze excess paste from the strips.

Step 5:  Place the dipped strips of paper on the balloon and smooth them out.  Cover the whole balloon in one layer of paper by overlapping the strips slightly.

Step 6:  Let this first layer dry overnight.  Then, apply a second layer by repeating steps 3 to 5.  Let this second layer dry overnight.

Step 7:  Once the paper is completely dry, pop the balloon from the bottom.  You may need to reshape your “moon” back to its circular/oval shape by pushing it out from the inside.

Step 8:  Put the battery-operated tea light on the table and place the papier mache moon over it.  Now you have your very own moon nightlight!

TIP: an alternative papier mache paste recipe: Mix 1 part flour + 1 part water.

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