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Playroom Decoration Ideas

Children learn best when they’re playing, so you naturally want to design a room that will foster your child’s growth. Customizing a playroom to your child’s interests will increase her enthusiasm for the room, hopefully buying you more peaceful time to yourself. Ask for her input, and you’ll be on the right track.


Choosing a theme for the playroom helps you set the stage and makes it easier for you to buy the things that you need. For example, you could use a storybook theme, creating a space with a focus on reading as well as play. Alternatively, you could paint musical notes on the wall to go along with your child’s many instruments. Ask your child about his favorite things and try to incorporate those into the theme of the room.

Chalkboard and Magnetic Paint

You can turn your child’s walls into an educational tool with chalkboard and magnetic paint. Start with a few layers of the magnetic paint, and then apply the chalkboard paint over that. Once done, you can use letter magnets to form words on the wall and your child can copy them with chalk underneath. He can also draw pictures.

Reading Area

Your playroom doesn’t have to be all about toys. Setting up a quiet space for reading can also be a nice addition. Include a bookshelf in your child’s favorite color and a chair or beanbag. If your child is still young, you’ll want an area where the two of you can read together, so a bigger chair is in order. If your child is older, she can read independently in a child-sized space.

Decorative Storage

Without proper storage for all his toys, your playroom will quickly look like a construction zone. Choose storage that is functional and looks good. For example, you could paint a wooden toy box to fit in with the theme that you’ve chosen for the room. You can also purchase a shelf that has several bins in different colors to match your child’s personality. Each type of toy goes into a different bin.

Fun Flooring

You can use the floor as a source of learning or imaginative play. For example, a carpet with many different colors not only brightens up the room, but it can help a preschooler learn his colors. If your child likes cars, trucks and trains, you can use a carpet that has a city design, with roads, trees and houses.

Secret Hideaway

Section off an area of the room with a curtain or room dividers and turn it into a hideaway. Paint the walls in a way that might please your child, such as turning it into outer space, complete with stars and rockets, or paint trees and mushrooms, turning it into a woodland populated by fairies.

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