The “Fifty Shades of Grey” Workout
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The “Fifty Shades of Grey” Workout

Kristen James Fitness Presents: The 50 Shapes Workout

I’ve been training and coaching clients and members of various gyms and studios for over 20 years.

I’ve had all of the common requests: “I want a body like Jennifer Aniston,” “Why isn’t my butt as high as J.Lo’s?” “I need to drop 20 pounds for my wedding,” or “How do I lose this excess baby fat?”

The most requested workout of all, however, has come in the last year or so. What have the requests been for? A workout inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The chatter started small. First, it was little whispers amongst groups of women in the gym, “Are you reading ‘the’ book?” “Have you gotten to the part where they….?”

The conversations continued. They were light at first, almost comical. But soon, my clients stopped being captivated with exactly “what” Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele were doing, and wanted to know just HOW they were doing it.

So…. I did it. I created a workout that replicated every position Anastasia Steele contorted herself into. I went through the first book and marked the pages. One after another, I created a movement pattern that would help give a woman the strength and stamina they needed to “perform.” And perform is exactly what my clients did.

Let’s face it, our mothers didn’t teach us everything. Even if you were taught you abut the wonderful joys of sex, I’m sure how to get in shape (and stay in shape for it), wasn’t part of the conversation. When a woman’s sex life is amazing, the rest of her life seems to drastically improve. The permanent smile on your face and the ability to let the most frustrating things during the day, simply roll right off of your back.

I know it’s not easy, though. Just like a relationship needs work, so does your sex life. You’ve been there before, or you know others that have been, the sex goes away and you become “roommates” with someone that seems more like your friend. One thing my parents always taught me, was that a relationship needs constant work. “It will be one of the hardest things you ever do, or have, in your life”, they would say. My dad would tell me, “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, its greener where you water it.”

How can you nurture your relationship? I can help you.

Any type of physical activity, like running, cycling, weight training, or yoga will give you a euphoric high. It will release endorphins every time. You will feel lighter, stronger, and leaner when you exercise on a consistent basis.

Ask yourself this: are you training for the sport of life? Do the miles of running on the treadmill help you pick up your baby any easier? Does your cycling class enhance your ability to play with your children? Probably not.

There’s no doubt you are helping to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, but I’ve always preached to my clients, “you’ve got to train for your life.” Sex, my friends, should be right on the top of your list! Train for a better body image with moves that keep you limber, flexible, maintain mobility in your joints, increase your heart rate, and give you the core strength to go the distance. Create new neural pathways through creative exercises and movement patterns. Use my 50 Shapes program and you’ll feel an immediate boost in your self-esteem!

A little “O” insurance is always good too! For increased sensation and deeper orgasms, make Kegel exercises a part of your every day. You don’t need sneakers, you wont break a sweat, and nobody even knows you’re doing them! When performing a Kegel, contract your pelvic floor as tightly as you can. 3 sets of 15 contractions once a day is all it takes. Feel like you’ll forget this? Make it a habit every time you stop at a red light to do them, or at the commercials during your favorite show. Make a habit out of doing them, and you’ll find it’s easy to “squeeze” them into your day.

Here’s a sneak-peek of the first part of my 50 Shapes Workout. (You can download the full workout right off of my website!

Seductive Squats

Stand with your feet wider than hip width apart and turn your toes out to 45 degrees.

With a neutral spine, elevate up onto your toes and lower your hips down to knee height. As you return up, perform one Kegel contraction.

Bend Over Better

Stand with your feet hip width apart, toes facing forward. Soften your knees. With your back flat, extend forward touching your toes, as you rise, elevate up onto your toes and extend arms overhead.

Lusty Lunges

Stand with your feet wider than hip width apart and your toes facing forward. Lunge to the side deeply into one leg being sure to sit back into your glutes as you descend. Reach for your toe with the opposite hand as you other arm reaches overhead allowing for some rotation to your spine. (Then, alternate side to side to complete the set).


Assume the plank position, being sure to line up your shoulders with your wrists.

With your feet hip width apart, start bringing one knee into your chest, and rotate your torso allowing the side of your hip to face the floor. Alternate your knees to complete the set.

Passion Push-ups 

Push-ups can be done either on your toes or on your knees for this exercise. Move your hands in closer than shoulder width apart, and rotate your thumbs inward creating a diamond shape with your hands. Perform one single pushup, and then sit back to your heels to stretch, continue until you complete a set of ten, stretching back after each one.

Risqué Rotations

Seated on the floor, tilt your tailbone under creating a “C” shape in your spine from your breast bone to your pubic bone. Bring your hands into the “prayer” position.

Reach back, one hand at a time behind you. Brace your core as if it was a box and you have to squeeze all four sides of it as you rotate and reach back. Alternate hands to complete the set.

Dirty Diamonds

Lie on your back with your legs extended up overhead at 90 degrees. Allow only your heels to touch, extending your toes out to a 45-degree angle. Lower your knees and allowing them to drop out to your side as low as they can go. As you extend them back up to the ceiling, lift your tailbone straight up contracting your abs – be sure to perform one strong Kegel at the top of every movement.

Luscious Lifts

Lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips up into a bridge position bringing your arms to your side.

As you lower your hips down) never touching the floor completely) elevate your arms overhead. For an even sexier effect, do these moves holding a pillow in your hands!

Sexy Scissors

Stay on your back and place your hands gently behind your head. Lift your legs up to 45 degrees and alternate your elbow to your opposite knee. For each side, keep your head off the ground through the entire set.

Tempting Tilts

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Tilt (or thrust) your pelvic area up to the ceiling as your try to lessen the space between your lower back and the floor. Perform ten of these and add a Kegel into each repetition for added blood flow to the region!

Post Sweat:

The Sensuous Stretch

Lift up onto your knees with your torso elongated and your head held high. Reach your right hand behind you to the side of your right foot. As you “fall” back, extend your left arm up overhead feeling a stretch thru you entire left side. Repeat to the opposite side.

The Great Release Stretch

Lie on your back and bring your breathing into a deep calm rhythm. You should be able to see your abdomen elevate with each inhale. Bring both knees into your chest allowing your knees to drop out to your sides as you reach and grab hold of your toes. Gently rock forward and back and focus on you breathing for 3-5 minutes in this position.

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