Get Fit Anytime, Anywhere With Brooke Burke’s New App
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Get Fit Anytime, Anywhere With Brooke Burke’s New App

The true meaning of the word fitness has always intrigued me.

Is it a noun? A verb? Could it be a curse? The way I see it, Fitness is a verb. It’s an action, a choice, a passage to survival, silently known as necessary with a dash of cruelty to the female race. Fitness is the fundamental foundation for so much goodness it should be embraced with open arms. What else do you know of that boosts confidence, raises energy levels, increases sexual arousal and gives you a tighter butt? Exactly.

In this era of new technology, fitness apps have made transforming your body and experiencing a natural happy high, a convenient, sweaty, and personal adventure.

Exercising has been such a vital part of my life, allowing me to feel like I can take my power back while strengthening and toning my body. This is exactly what I hope to share with you.

This month I’m finally launching my fitness app Brooke Burke Body, which is a customizable fitness adventure you can do in 5-30 min increments anywhere. So many people truly inspired this passion project. I found this to be the avenue to share my fitness philosophies with everyone and show them that they can work out anytime, anywhere with no more excuses.

Launching this holiday season seems like the perfect time because I cannot think of a greater gift to give ourselves than the gift of health and wellness. A dose of feel good medicine that a daily workout provides will go a long way in helping us to manage the chaos of the holiday season. I designed this app differently than most apps out there so that fitness can be fun, interesting, visual and attainable. I know that the moves in each workout are affective and that they will deliver optimal results, especially for anyone like me with little time and high expectations. One thing I know is that fitness requires a personal commitment and it truly should be a personal requirement. 

Brooke Burke Body is the solution to show you how to step into your best self and guide you through your own personal transformation.  Be the boss of your own body, make a commitment to yourself and give yourself a holiday present you deserve. The gift of health and well being is the most valuable blessing ever! We can do it together, at home, and get a jump start for that New Year’s fitness resolution.  New year, new you starts right now if you want it to.  Like I said, fitness is a verb as soon as you take action. Get the app now!

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