Healthier Alternatives
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Healthier Alternatives

As we spring approaches, most of our New Year’s Resolutions have already started to fail. Well, since eating healthier is probably on many people’s lists, we found some great products that can help you stick to a healthful 2019!

MinusCal is a new bar that tastes amazing with all the energy-boosting benefits of a typical protein bar but with an extra special bonus. They have a proprietary ingredient called Choleve that uses natural compounds found in tea leaves to block fat absorption. Yessssss!! These bars taste good and can help control cravings with 9+ grams of protein, 11+ grams of fiber and only 4-6 grams of sugar. Peanut Butter is the BEST!

CAULIPOWER® is seriously the best cauliflower crust pizza ever. I swear you can’t tell it’s healthier, my kids LOVE it. So we were super excited to try their new sister brand SweetPotaTOASTS, frozen toast make from sliced and roasted sweet potatoes. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! SO delicious and sweet. YUM. And then there are also their new cauliflower tortillas. Gluten-free and fabulous. It’s never been so easy (and scrumptious) to eat your veggies!

Jack Fruit – have you seen it? It’s large and super interesting looking but also intimidating. So, we were excited to try Upton’s Naturals’ Jackfruit since it is pre-seasoned, ready to heat and serve! This 100% vegan meat alternative tastes like tender pulled pork or shredded chicken. Flavors like Bar-B-Que, Sweet & Smoky, and more are perfect for yummy recipes without meat!