Get A Holiday Workout With These Easter Egg Exercise Moves
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Get A Holiday Workout With These Easter Egg Exercise Moves

Worried about what all that chocolate and candy the Easter bunny brings might do to your waistline?

Don’t fret! You can stay healthy and happy through the holiday season with some fun and festive fitness ideas.

Celsius fitness ambassador Angeles Burke shares three great ways to work out while you’re hiding (and finding) Easter eggs:

Workout #1: One Leg Egg Pick-up

4×10 repetitions per side

Targets your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. This move also works on your core stability and balance.

1.       Begin with a few Easter eggs on the ground in front of you.
2.       Balance on your left leg while bending your right leg behind you.
3.       The goal is to hinge forward at the hip while keeping your back straight.
4.       Drop down, pick up one of the eggs and then stand up while still balancing on your left foot.
5.       Try to stay on one foot for all 10 repetitions. If needed, you can touch your foot down to the ground to balance yourself in between each repetition.

Workout #2: Egg Torso Twists

4×20 repetitions per side

Targets your core muscles including the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and hip flexors.

1.       Start seated on the ground with your feet and glutes making contact with the floor.
2.       Place a pile of Easter eggs on your left side.
3.       Lean your upper body back while keeping your core engaged.
4.       Make sure your back is straight with your shoulders rolled back.
5.       Twist over to your left side, grab an egg, bring it across your body and place the egg on the ground on your right side.
6.       Repeat these movements until you have placed all the eggs on the opposite side.
7.       To make this move more challenging, lean even further back and pick your feet up off the floor to work on your stability and core strength. Your core should be shaking the whole time.

Workout #3: Spring-Up Squats

4×20 repetitions

Targets your calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings.

1.       Place a few eggs on the floor in front of you.
2.       Start with your feet in a wide stance and your toes slightly pointed out.
3.       Drop down and back into a squat keeping your knees open wide.
4.       Reach down and grab an egg in each hand while keeping your back straight and your shoulders rolled back.
5.       Come back up into the starting position and raise up on to the balls of your feet while bringing both hands up overhead.
6.       That completes one repetition.
7.       To make this move more challenging instead of doing a heel raise, you can make this move into plyometric/jump training by adding in a small jump at the top.
8.       Remember to still bring your hands up over head and then softly land back in the squat position. This will get your heart rate going for some extra cardio!

Angeles Burke is an American Fitness and Aerobics A.F.A.A. certified group fitness instructor, national level bikini competitor training with train with IFBB Pro Shannon Dey’s Team Bombshell, member of the National Physique Committee and Celsius fitness ambassador with a master’s degree in communication studies.

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