Let’s Craft: How to Make an Adorable Bandana Skirt
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Let’s Craft: How to Make an Adorable Bandana Skirt

This project comes from crafty mom Jill Alexander:

“Today we’re going to be making a bandana skirt. It’s darling and just perfect for your little toddler!”

Here’s how to make this super sweet skirt:


  • Strip of elastic – approximately one inch thick
  • Bandanas – for a more colorful skirt, use a variety of different shades
  • Scissors



Take your piece of elastic, measure the waist on your child and then add two inches.

Cut the bandanas into quarters – so you have four triangle pieces. Wash and dry the pieces get the wrinkles and pressed edges out. It will also make them softer and easier to work with.

Lay out the piece of elastic in front of you, with the pointed edge of the bandana piece pointing away from you. Flip the bandana away from you (over the elastic) to make your first knot. Then flip it over again to make a double knot.

Continue all the way down the elastic until the entire piece is full of bandana pieces. Save one bandana strip aside to cover the knot.

Tie the two ends of the elastic together, to create a circle. Use the saved strip of bandana and tie it around the knot to secure.

And there you go! A darling bandana skirt!

Want to watch Jill take you through this project step by step? Check out the video below – and be sure to take a look at all the other great craft videos on the ModernMom YouTube Channel.

Planning to try this at home? We’d love to see how it turns out! Tweet us photos of your crafty efforts @ModernMom and we’ll add them to our photo gallery!

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