How To Throw A Summer Swim Birthday Party
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How To Throw A Summer Swim Birthday Party

My daughter has a June birthday so swim parties are perfect for her. Unfortunately, we don’t have a pool so we were never able to take advantage of this until now. Long story short, our house had water damage and we had to move out for a few weeks. The good news was the house we rented has a pool so finally we could take advantage of the summer birthday. It’s her 10th birthday so a great time to give her a special party.

The party was a big success and here’s what we did.

1)Keep it small.

Invite a manageable number of kids – we invited 9 (so plus Maddie equals 10).


Decorate outside to make it feel like you are on the beach. We decided to go for a Tiki party theme. Party City had everything we needed to make this happen. We set up a Tiki bar  – non alcoholic, of course. We got the drink dispenser that I have to say is my new favorite kid party item. It holds 2.5 gallons and didn’t leak or make a mess. I made lemonade in it and used plastic coconut cups (my daughter wrote her guests name on them). Not only did these look great on the Tiki bar, but they were reusable (one of my biggest pet peeves at parties is all the bottles with one sip taken out of them that end up getting thrown out). Table skirts made our plastic table look super festive and the Tiki paper lantern garland was a great finishing touch.



Make sure you have some pool toys – inner tubes, noodles, balls… The kids will make up their own games so really no planning necessary on that.

4)Pool Safety.

Unfortunately you hear stories of kids drowning at parties while parents are outside with them. Some people hire lifeguards so you can pay attention to your guests. This wasn’t something I could do so I made sure that I had other adults present and that one person was always in charge of the pool. That person just watched the pool – didn’t get up to get anyone anything, didn’t take his or her eyes off the pool. Also, make sure that all the adults know the signs of drowning as they are not what you think.


You can schedule a 2 hour swim party and that’s great. Or, you can make the party 4 hours (if you’re a glutton for punishment like I am) and add a movie to the festivities. We wanted to stick with the theme so we watched Disney’s Teen Beach Movie 2. The kids loved it – like the original there are impressive dance numbers and engaging pop music songs. And yes, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mac (Maia Mitchell) are back for a new adventure. Definitely a must-see/must-buy. Buy the DVD and your whole family will love it.

Maddie’s party was as big success and yours will be too!


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