New App WishSlate Tackles Gift Giving Anxiety
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New App WishSlate Tackles Gift Giving Anxiety

Gift-giving is an emotion-filled activity that fosters relationships. But it has become a chore and a source of stress and anxiety. One new app wants gift-giving to be convenient, fun and a joyous experience, not another anxiety-filled moment.

WishSlate is a new app that makes it easier to connect family and friends, their upcoming occasions and see what they’re looking for on their wish lists. WishSlate creator Jaison Dolvane explains his inspiration for the app:

“Over the years, I realized that I experienced a certain amount of anxiety when it comes to giving gifts. Throughout the year, my wife would send me links to things that she liked. When it came time to buy something for her birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas, I found myself searching frantically for the links or not getting the product delivered on time.”

“I’d usually wait until the last minute, rush to find something, go over my budget and settle for a gift I was not completely sure she would like. I began to wonder whether my stress and feelings around gifting was unique to me. I started researching and found several studies from Stanford, Cornell, and Harvard that validated that this was a significant problem that most people implicitly face. I started talking to real people to further understand the problem, and after about 100 interviews, had a list of several problems that I found interesting to tackle around gift-giving.”

“We’re really focused on creating a meaningful impact for our users,” Jaison says. “WishSlate hopes to help users emotionally connect and build deeper relationships with friends and family through special occasions and connecting with each other through gifting.”

Jaison spoke with over 50 mothers and realized that they were the primary person in the family who organizes gift giving.  “They tend to buy gifts for everyone in the immediate and extended family – nieces, nephews, etc. They are the ones that the grandparents’ ask advice on what to buy the kids. We have givers and receivers in a gift giving relationship, but the moms are playing another important role – the orchestrator. So, we feel that WishSlate is a way to make life easier for mothers who need help organizing and staying on top of all these occasions. WishSlate can also help simplify their workflow: from figuring out what gifts to get, to completing that timely purchase.”

Moms seem to appreciate the app as well:

“WishSlate is so easy to use. It acts like a gift registry of sorts and many smaller or niche stores don’t offer this service. Only large department stores tend to do this and only for wedding gifts. I love the fact that it can be used for all occasions…. or just because. I’d like to also add that in this new and uncharted time of social distancing, you do not need to leave your home at all to make someone else’s day! For those who don’t have their own personal vehicle and ride public transit, it removes the hassle and the cost. When you work hard for your money, you want to ensure that you get that special person something that they will appreciate and use/enjoy…. not re-gift. All in all, I think this App is great!” – Leanne Franklin, 55

WishSlate has approved affiliate partners with over 200+ retailers and brands. Some of these include Amazon, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Target, ULTA, Sephora, Lululemon, Nike, Columbia, Old Navy, Vans, Timberland, Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBB) and more.

The WishSlate app is free and available for download through Apple’s App Store.