Must-Have Accessories For Your iPhone 7
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Must-Have Accessories For Your iPhone 7

It’s a new year and for many of us, that means a new phone. And if you didn’t get a new phone, then don’t despair, you can at least get an accessory or two to mix things up. Below are some of our faves.

Evo Gem Case looks great in the package but looks even more amazing when you put it on your iPhone. It’s thin, lightweight and feels really good in your hand. It also has FlexShock™, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material, as well as a 3-layer impact absorption system. It has 9.9 foot drop protection. Perfect for someone who might drop their phone off the bleachers. (not that I know anyone who would do that).

InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe is a super stylish cover for your screen that delivers 3X more impact protection than an unprotected phone. And let’s face it, sometimes we just drop the darn things. We love that the smooth tempered glass doesn’t get in the way of the clarity of the screen or impact touch sensitivity.  And it’s pretty too – comes in the same colors as your iPhone so it looks like it belongs.

myCharge HubPlus is a rechargeable portable battery that we all need. Whether it’s your kids’ playing games on your phone or all the apps you use, it seems like our phones are never charged enough when we are out and about. We love this because you don’t have to carry a cable, there’s a USB and and Lightning cable built in. It’s compact and you can charge it by plugging it directly into a wall socket. Love.