New Trend: Hair Feathers, Hair Tinsel, and Hair Jewels
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New Trend: Hair Feathers, Hair Tinsel, and Hair Jewels

Move over hair combs, barrettes, and head bands…Hair Feathers, Hair Tinsel, and Hair Jewels are the newest rage in accessories. The most recent trends add bling and panache to any hairstyle.

Hair Feathers

While Perfect Hair Duo has been outfitting our lady clients with feathers for the past few months, Steven Tyler of “American Idol” has broadened this trend to a wider audience.

Hair Feathers can be shampooed, blowdried, and even flat ironed while attached to the hair. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and are attached by either a clasp used for hair extensions or a clip-in comb.

Hair Feathers are available at and

Hair Tinsel

Another trend made popular by Beyonce at last year’s Grammy Awards and most recently on The Oprah Winfrey Show is Hair Tinsel.

Hair Tinsel is tied into the hair using a simple square knot. With care, tinsel can last 2 – 6 weeks in the hair. The tinsel can be shampooed and flat ironed or curled on a low heat setting up to 410 degrees F.

Hair Tinsel is available at and

Hair Jewels


The newest trend being worn on Perfect Hair Duo clients is Hair Jewels. Hair Jewels are strung on an invisible thread to add elegance and sparkle to hair for everyday looks or for those extra special occasions.

They are easily attached to the hair using a unique spring fastener and simply removed at the end of the evening.

Hair Jewels are available at

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