Recipes for Making Your Own Mineral Makeup
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Recipes for Making Your Own Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup offers a natural alternative to products available in drug and department stores, and they may be well-tolerated if you have sensitive skin. While purchasing specialty mineral makeup can be costly, you can make your own mineral foundations, eye shadows and blush at home with the right ingredients and supplies. A few mineral makeup recipes will allow you to begin experimenting with makeup manufacture in your own kitchen.


Mineral foundations are typically a powder, applied to the face with a large soft makeup brush. You can purchase raw ingredients or opt for a pre-made blending base for your foundation. The basic supplies for mineral foundation include micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sericite mica, magnesium stearate and red, yellow, black or brown pigments. Blend the pigments in proportions appropriate for your skin tone using a flat spatula. Combine 4 tsp. titanium dioxide, 3 tsp. sericite mica, 2 tsp. zinc oxide and 1/2 tsp. magnesium stearate to form a base for your foundation. Mix the ingredients using a mortar and pestle or dedicated blender. You may add jojoba oil and vitamin E oil to this mixture. Additional sericite mica may be added to lighten the mixture, if necessary.


Recipes for blushes and bronzers are similar to foundation mixtures, but they are more highly pigmented to add color to the skin. Combine red, yellow and brown pigments to achieve the desired blush shade, blending with a flat spatula. You can blend red, yellow and brown pigments to make shades of rose, apricot, plum, or a warm bronze. Mix together 1 tbsp. titanium dioxide, 1 tsp. sericite mica, 3/4 tsp. zinc oxide and 1/2 tsp. magnesium stearate to form a base for your blush. Add the pigment mixture to this, and mix well. Add mica for shimmer, if desired, recommends


Mineral eyeshadows and eyeliners can provide you with tasteful neutrals or a bright pop of color. Create an eyeshadow base by combining 1 tbsp. titanium dioxide and 1/2 tsp. magnesium stearate. Add 1/2 tsp. jojoba oil to this mixture, then blend in 3/4 tsp. sericite mica and iron oxide pigment to create the desired shade. You may add 3/4 tsp. or more iron oxide pigments to your eye shadow mixture, according to

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