Romance Ideas for Birthdays
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Romance Ideas for Birthdays

This year, make the person you love feel special by planning a memorable, romantic birthday. Whether you and your partner prefer dancing until the bars close or a quiet candlelit dinner for two, romantic celebrations share one common element–togetherness. Set aside the time to unwind together, talk and take in your surroundings, and even the simplest birthday celebration will feel romantic.


Refrain from those practical gifts, such as blenders or toolboxes. Buy a romantic birthday gift instead. Truly romantic gifts transcend the traditional box of chocolates and reflect something special about the birthday girl or boy. Budget-conscious romantic gifts might include a home-cooked dinner, featuring a favorite food and a bottle of wine, a gift certificate to a cafe for dessert and coffee, or a framed photograph of the two of you together. Make the frame extra special by customizing it with painted designs or glued-on baubles. Among the more expensive romantic gifts are charm bracelets with charms of the birthday girl’s interests or a weekend away at a spa or a resort hotel.


While a Caribbean beach vacation or a Tuscan villa provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic birthday celebration, keep in mind that any place that holds special meaning to you and your partner has potential as a romantic birthday venue. Recreate your first date for a nostalgic celebration. If you love nature, plan a picnic in the woods or on a hilltop, complete with gourmet foods. City lovers may appreciate festivities at an ethnic restaurant, at a museum’s rooftop garden or in a foreign film cinema.


Something unusual or surprising can make a birthday feel more romantic. Try an adventure together, such as a hot air balloon ride or spelunking in caves. Take a bicycle ride on a backwoods trail, and take a break at a restaurant with a view. Stay in a hotel across town or abroad, and serve the guest of honor breakfast in bed. Toast to the birthday atop a skyscraper, aboard a train, on a dinner cruise or in a vineyard. Indulge in massages or hot soaks at a spa, or visit a natural hot spring.

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