Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget
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Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

When you factor in all of the costs associated with a birthday party, it can quickly add up. You may want to celebrate a birthday, but you simply don’t have the budget to go all-out. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to cut costs. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great birthday party.


When you purchase a birthday-in-a-box solution at a specific location, such as a game center or bounce house, it can easily cost $30 or more per person. Though this includes activities, food and sometimes cake or gift bags, it will still run into a lot of money quickly. When you plan your party on a budget, you can celebrate the birthday, but you will still have enough money for the weekly grocery trip.


You can save money by making your own food instead of going to a restaurant or hiring a catering company. For example, baking your own cake could cost around $5, while purchasing one at a bakery will cost $15. You can also plan games instead of hiring an entertainer. Most dollar stores feature a section of party-related supplies. This could be a good option for purchasing decorations, matching plates and napkins or party favors for the kids.


The location of your party will play a big role in how much you must spend on it. Your home will almost always be the cheapest location, unless you have to rent tents because you have a large guest list. If you do choose to hold the party outside your home, compare the costs at each location before settling.


Food can be one of the biggest expenses for a home birthday party. You can avoid this by holding the party in the middle of the afternoon, so that you don’t have to serve a meal. You can also make cheap food, like homemade pizzas, baked ziti or sandwiches.


Some people feel that children won’t have fun at a birthday party unless there is something spectacular, like a clown, magician, pony rides or video games, all of which can cost a bundle. This isn’t true. If you plan fun games or crafts to do during the party, the children can be just as happy as they would be with more expensive options.

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