Substitution for Oil in Baking Brownies
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Substitution for Oil in Baking Brownies

There’s never anything better than sitting down and munching on a delicious, homemade brownie. Scrumptious and enjoyable, these tasty treats have one downfall: They’re fattening. This tends to scare people away, as they choose to consume healthier options. However, there are plenty of options out there as a substitution for oil in baking brownies, one of the most fattening ingredients. After all, how many of us can sit down and eat only one?

Whether you’re trying to take the healthier route, or you just don’t have the ingredient you need, here are four options for you to use in its stead.

Substitution for Oil in Baking Brownies

I Can’t Believe It’s Butter!

While not exactly the healthiest option as a substitution for oil in baking brownies. It is high in fat. But if you’re trying to churn out some brownies in a pinch without running to the store and back, this works just as well. Just about everyone has butter stocked in their fridge or on their counter. The use of butter can also add a nice creamy taste to your brownies that you just can’t mimic with vegetable oil. Tip: Margarine works just as well and usually has just a few fewer calories than real butter. You can go about this two ways: Put the butter in a microwaveable safe bowl and heat in the microwave in increments of fifteen seconds until melted, or put it in a pan on the stove and melt it that way. You can also use the same amount of cups of melted butter as the recipe calls for oil.

Wait, Is That Applesauce?

Most people probably wouldn’t think that applesauce is a suitable substitution for oil in baking brownies, but they would be wrong! Not only is it low in fat, but it also adds a slight apple taste that’s sure to surprise – and hopefully win over – your friends and family. It’s recommended to use 1/2 cup of applesauce for every 1/2 cup of oil. The only downfall to this substitution is that the brownies may come out more dry than you might want. Although the dramatic decrease in calories should more than make up for it.

That’s Short…ening.

This isn’t really anything different than vegetable oil. You’d want to use vegetable shortening, which really is just a solid form of vegetable oil. However, if you have this and not the oil, you don’t have anything to lose. It’s tasteless and won’t change the flavor of your brownies, so no one will even know the difference! For your own ease of use, just make sure to heat up the shortening before you use it, that way you can stir it into your mixture much easier. You will want to use the same amount of shortening as the recipe says to use oil.

Replacing It With A Fruit!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Avocado isn’t a vegetable at all, but a fruit? Not only is it far healthier than vegetable oil, but it also makes your brownies rich and dense. On top of that, it adds Vitamin K, which is heart-healthy and shown to reduce the risk of diabetes! Use one large avocado and toss it into a blender with the water and eggs and 1/2 a cup of yogurt (for added moisture), and blend them all together before adding them to your mix.

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