Tailgating Essentials For The Ultimate WIN
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Tailgating Essentials For The Ultimate WIN

Football season is in full-swing which means it’s time to really bring your tailgating game on! These super cool products are sure to make your pre-game festivities an ultimate WIN!

Really I can’t think of a better name for this – it’s called The Coolest Cooler because seriously, that’s what it is! It has a built in blender to make the ultimate drinks, a bluetooth speaker to play the best tunes, a USB charger, magnetic bottle opener and much more. Oh, and of course, it chills with the best of them – 4-5 day ice retention. Literally, everything you need to make your pre-game party the COOLEST!

It can be chilly out there so Kubie is the ultimate solution to remedy the cold. What is it you ask? Well, what isn’t it?? It can be worn as an insulated poncho with a hood to keep the chill and moisture out and the warmth in. But it can also be transformed into a ground cover (picnic anyone?), a sleeping bag, a pillow, a hammock or even a shade canopy to block the sun or wind. Ah-mazing, right?!

Some of us don’t have trucks to sit on the back of when we are tailgating, so that’s where the Monster Towel comes in. This is seriously a monster! It’s 10×10 and super soft (made with absorbent suede micro fiber) and is actually larger than my king size bed! This can fit family and friends and loads of food and drinks. The best part is it’s easy to transport as it rolls up and has a strap!

Sometimes you need a table for your par-tay so you are going to want this Tailgater Tire Table. If you have a tire, you can easily have a table. This one of a kind steel powder coated table attaches to any vehicle or trailer tire and is perfect for tailgating anywhere! Such a smart idea. Love.

What to do when it gets dark? Check out the coolest portable solar camping lantern that even charges your phone! Yep. It’s solar powered so it charges by day and keeps you in the light at night. It’s compact, fits in your hand and can be used as a flashlight when you are on the move or a lantern when you are stopped. Super cool and oh so handy!


Getting to the stadium hours before the game makes for a long day. Don’t forget to fuel your body with a protein or energy drink. If you use the powdered stuff like we do then you know how hard it is to get the powder into a bottle without spilling everywhere. Well, the solution is here, it’s called Funnel Your Energy. This is a hassle-free funnel that is small enough to fit in the back of your phone case or in your wallet.