Last Minute Halloween Must-Haves
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Last Minute Halloween Must-Haves

Halloween is almost here! It is definitely one of the most fun holidays of the year. We’ve found a few products that are simply too good to not get this Halloween!

Smarter Candy

One ENTIRE bag of SmartSweets fun-pack gummy candy has only 1 gram of sugar, where ONE fun-size chocolate candy can pack in an average of 8 grams of sugar. And these are actually DELICIOUS. The kids had no idea they were eating 85% less sugar. The fruity gummy bears are my favorite but the sour gummy bears are a close second. You will not be disappointed with these!

Glitter Body Gel

It’s time to glitter vamp it up this Halloween! Doom & Gloom Black Holographic Glitter Lotion will definitely make for a bewitching evening! It’s a moisturizing lotion/potion with spooky black holographic glitter. This will add a little somethin’-somethin’ to any spooky costume! For all those who are dressing up as more cheerful characters like fairies or who just want to add some sparkle to their outfit, grab this pink glitter body gel. We love the party cake fragrance with pink glitter!

Edible Stickers

So StickyLickits are all-natural (no-sugar) edible stickers that feature favorite characters from Nickelodeon. Stick these on fruits and vegetables and your kids will actually be excited about eating a healthy lunch or snack. Try these on an apple or cucumber before trick-or-treating to fill them up on some nutritious food before the candy gathering begins!

Halloween Soundtrack

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without hearing the Monster Mash and all the other classic spooky songs! Check out the all-new KIDZ BOP Halloween for the perfect soundtrack for all your Halloween fun! 22 songs sung by kids for kids. And you can download it for only $7.99

Energy for Mom (and Dad)

Halloween night is exhausting for us parents so instead of stealing your kids candy for the sugar high, try Pique Tea Crystals for sustained energy. You simply tear open a pack of tea crystals, pour in hot water, mix it up and voila – delicious hot tea. Take it with you while the kids hit the neighborhood. Not only are these teas delicious and convenient, but they have up to 12x more antioxidants compared to regular tea. Your toughest decision will be which of the delicious flavors to choose from!