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Talking about Autism

Sometimes a really wonderful opportunity comes up, and I can’t pass on it.

What was the opportunity?

There is a terrific, energetic autism mom that I know, Shannon Penrod.

We had heard about each other for a few years before actually meeting. A mutual person knew both of us and he kept saying to Shannon, and then to me, that our families should meet—we had something in common.

What did we have in common?

We were both moms of sons on the autism spectrum.

Our sons are close in age and diagnosis. We knew about our son’s autism a little earlier than Shannon’s son, but we both devoured anything autism to the point where we eventually branched out into (informal) advocacy, volunteering, and awareness.

We both have just the one boy.

And, we both have a passion.

What is the common passion?

Let’s just call it…Pay It Forward.

In our own ways, we both pay it forward to try to help other parents with children on the autism spectrum, or even adults on the spectrum.

How did we get together recently?

Shannon and I have met numerous times out the autism community—volunteering at events, working events, attending events.

Shannon hosts an Internet show called, “Autism Live.”

She tapes a new two hour show almost every week.

Two weeks ago, she invited me to appear on her show and talk about how we know each other, and what we know—basically how I could help talk about autism with her, and how I could be of help.

How was the experience?

Fantastic. I was interviewed for forty-five minutes, it felt like ten.

Shannon and I connect really well with each other, and so do our passions.

Spreading the awareness of pretty much everything autism. I was my pleasure to help out a fellow autism mom, and the autism community.

Talking about Autism.

To view my interview and/or to watch other episodes of Autism Live with Shannon Penrod, just search “Autism Live with Shannon Penrod.”


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