Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Teens
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Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

So, what do you do when your child becomes a teen and outgrows the little Easter toys and trinkets that the little ones love? Well, it’s tough since teens are notoriously hard to shop for any time of year. But we’re here to help. We rounded up some items that your teen will (hopefully) love with an added bonus – some are even useful! Win. Win.

Something sporty– most kids enjoy some sort of sport, so get ’em a ball – baseball, tennis ball, golf ball, softball, etc. If none of these are a good fit then a Nerf football is fun for anyone.

Something useful – flip flops! Summer is on the horizon and I’m sure your tween has outgrown last year’s pair.

Something they’ll love – a gift card to their favorite store. We know it isn’t the most personal item, but it’s always a crowd pleaser.

Something practical – new socks (we are talking cool ones, not a 6 pack of white knee highs), nail polish, hair gel, a new comb or brush. You get the idea.

Something to do -movie passes. What kid doesn’t want to go to the movies (especially with their friends)?


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