What Does It Mean When Your Partner Curses at You?
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What Does It Mean When Your Partner Curses at You?

Swearing might have a proper time and place, but it can certainly be a red flag in a relationship. Check out what does it mean when your partner curses at you?

Automatic Swearing

Did you know that swearing can actually be produced in two different parts of the brain? It’s true! When someone swears out of sudden frustration, the profanity is usually produced in the part of the brain that controls basic body functions. Like breathing or blinking, this type of profanity is produced without thought. If you partner constantly swears out of frustration, it might just mean he has a bad habit. However, if the profanity comes up in normal conversation and is couched in sentences directed at you, the swearing is intentional, and you may have a problem.

Childish Frustration

Understanding that some folks thoughtlessly swear when frustrated, you should stop and think about why your partner might feel frustrated around you. Many times, this is a mark of an immature person. A relationship requires both people to give a little and sacrifice a little. If your partner can’t seem to give a little without launching into a swearing session, it may be time to find someone more mature.

Word Poverty

If your partner constantly swears, it may have nothing to do with you. Intuitively, people understand profanity to be a way to intensify a statement. Now and again, this may be effective. It may also be funny. However, if your partner only seems to be able to liven up his sentences by tossing in profanity, it means he has a serious lack of vocabulary words at his disposal. He is like a chef who only knows how to pour chili pepper over every dish. If you wouldn’t tolerate a restaurant that employed a chef like that, why would you tolerate a partner that is the verbal equivalent of such a chef?

A Lack of Intimacy

Some men swear around their friends all of the time. They might even view this kind of language as a type of bonding activity. If your partner swears like this in front of you, he may simply view you as one of the guys. Unfortunately, this may mean he is isn’t interested in having a serious, loving, and intimate relationship. If your partner just wants to treat you like one of the guys, it might be time to have a serious relationship talk.

A Lack of Respect

At the end of the day, a person who constantly swears directly at his partner isn’t being respectful. This is especially true if you have repeatedly asked your partner to stop. It shows that your partner is either oblivious to the pain he is causing you by his language, or he simply doesn’t care. Either way, this is someone you probably don’t want in your life. Remember, if your partner can manage to speak to his superiors at work without resorting to crude language, he can certainly manage to do the same around you.

Constant swearing in a partnership is usually a sign of trouble. Use the above guidelines to take inventory of your relationship with your partner. If the swearing continues after you do this, don’t be afraid to back out of the relationship. You deserve a partner who doesn’t resort to such language.