When Can You Wear White Pants?
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When Can You Wear White Pants?

White pants come in a variety of materials: silk, jean, linen, cotton and corduroy. A pants’ type determines when and where it will be worn. For example, linen slacks are much more formal than white jeans. The best time to wear white pants is also determined by the event, the season, what they will be paired with, undergarments, location and weather.


White is often worn during times of celebration, such as a wedding. A day at the beach is also a great occasion for wearing white pants. Fabric determines how appropriate the pants are to a certain event. White silk pants can be a stylish substitute for a cocktail dress, for example.


White is generally reserved for warm weather seasons because of an old wives’ tale claiming that white clothes don’t keep you warm. The saying “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” is almost completely irrelevant in modern fashion, though. White pants are often paired with ski outfits, warm hoodies and colorful capes during cold weather.


The look you are trying to achieve and the fabric of the pants determine the top that you choose to pair with your white pants. Pair jeans with a colorful T-shirt or another type of casual top, such as a hoodie. Elegant silk pants are well-paired with a white silk or cashmere top for a white-on-white look. White corduroys look good paired with chunky argyle sweaters in blue or red.


The proper undergarments are a must with white pants. Panty lines are much more apparent with lighter colors, so you may want to choose a thong or seamless panty. The color of the panty is also important, since white pants are more transparent. Always choose panties that are flesh colored.

Times to Avoid

Sometimes wearing white is just not right. Avoid wearing white when you are going to a home or area that has animals. Animal hair shows up quite vividly on white. Also, avoid wearing white on rainy or muddy days. Not only will mud splotches be apparent, but white pants also become very transparent when wet.

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