How Family Photos on Facebook Could Hurt You in the Workplace


Do you ever post photos of your children on your social media profile pages? Is it possible that sharing photos of your kids on your Facebook account could actually hurt you career-wise?

Writer Janet Paskin made a compelling point about this issue on the Wall Street Journal’s The Juggle Blog:

“Studies upon studies show that women with children fare worse, professionally and financially, than women without,” Paskin wrote. “Moms face more difficulty getting hired and earn less than their childless peers.”

Even though she keeps her Facebook page private, Paskin added: “. . . [M]y friends do include plenty of people I’ve worked with or for, or might hope to work with or for in the future. I also take it as a given that any potential future employer or reference would use all available tools to check me out – including finding out who we know in common via social networks.”

What do you think? Could posting kids’ photos and videos on your social networking accounts adversely affect your professional life?



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