Quick Guide to Sensual Massages for Your Husband


You don’t have to be a professional massage therapist to give a great massage to your husband. In fact, it’s as much about the mood and the moment as it is about the massage. Follow these steps to entice your man to a little rest and relaxation… and maybe a little more, too!

Step 1

Set the mood. No need to go out all out redecorating the bedroom or anything crazy like that, but do make sure the bedroom is picked up and neat. Make the bed with fresh linens if you have time; if not, just straighten the sheets and fluff the pillows. Turn the overhead light off and the lamp on, and add a few candles for a romantic touch. Soft music is nice, too.

Step 2

Wear something sexy (or nothing at all). A big part of the mood here is you. Men are visual. While he might appreciate a clean bedroom, he’ll appreciate a sexy look on you even more. So get out your pretty nightgown–or your matching bra and panties.

Step 3

Use oils or lotions. A massage, to be sensual, must be comfortable and smooth. Use body oil or lotion all over your husband; reapply as needed to keep the experience smooth and friction free.

Step 4

Use slow, steady movements. Vary these with gentle touches and strokes. Use the heel gently in smooth, even strokes. Vary firmer movements with light strokes and gentle circular movements.

Step 5

Start at the extremities and work your way to the center. Let the expectation build as you massage your husband’s head, gently on the forehead, down the neck and firmer on the shoulders. Continue working your way down his back, his buttocks and all the way down his legs. Pay special attention to the feet; nothing feels better than having your feet massaged after a long day.

Step 6

Work your way back up. Have your husband turn over so he is lying on his back. Start working your way back up the body. Tease as you go, giving kisses and licks here and there. Give a few tantalizing touches, and then skip up to his chest and shoulders again. If he’s not crying for mercy yet, don’t worry; he will be.

Step 7

Take your time on those, ahem, sensitive areas. Tease, touch, rub, kiss, go with it. As long as you’re both enjoying the experience, you’re doing it right. Let things progress as they will, but don’t put a time limit on the experience or focus so much on a climactic outcome that you miss the pure enjoyment a simple, sensual massage.



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