How to Keep a Man on His Toes

So, you’ve finally landed the man of your dreams, and you’re walking around on air. You think things are going wonderfully and that wedding bells are going to ring, when you find out he’s not so interested anymore. You wonder what happened, where did you go wrong? The answer is that you probably didn’t go wrong, so much as you became complacent. He knows the relationship is there and he banks on it, because you let him believe your world won’t last without him. Time to discover how to keep a man on his toes, so this doesn’t happen again and you can possibly save the one you’ve got.

Step 1

Remain independent, so that he doesn’t feel as though he’s conquered you and the chase is over. Keep your friends and hobbies, and make sure he knows you can do things without him. Not only will he see that he still has to show you that he wants you, he will be proud to have a woman who doesn’t need to be with a man to know who she is.

Step 2

Stay attractive. Nothing keeps a guy on his toes more than knowing you look good not only to him but also to other men, as well. A little attention from other men is good medicine for keeping him on his toes.

Step 3

Keep some mystery in the relationship. You don’t have to let him know everything about you. Maintain just enough privacy to make him want to know more.

Step 4

Surprise him. Don’t let your relationship fall into a boring routine. Do something totally unexpected, like leaving a naughty note in his pocket. Little things that keep you in his mind and wanting more keep the relationship alive and filled with fun.



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