Easy Updo Hair Styles


An updo hairstyle can do many wonders. It can be a quick fix or a camouflage for a bad hair day, and it can be a glamorous hairstyle for a prom, wedding or dinner date. The updo can range in style from casual to formal. Wear your hair in an updo day-in or day-out for a fun, sexy and chic look.

Quick, Messy Updo

For a casual hairstyle, a quick, messy updo is something you can do. It is a perfect updo when you are in a rush. So-called because of its rather unpolished look, the quick and messy updo takes only a few minutes to do. Using your fingers without the aid of a hair brush to gather your hair to the back of your head gives this updo a messy appearance.

Create a ponytail and position it between the top of your head and just below the crown. Tie the ponytail with a clear elastic band and pull the hair from the tail gently on each side using your fingers. Wrap the bottom of the tail loosely or tightly, whichever you prefer, around the base of the pony. Use bobby pins to tuck in the leftover tail in the bun. Loosen the bun gently using your fingers for a messier finish. Now you have a messy updo you can wear all day long.

Edgy Pony Updo

If it has been a day since you shampooed your hair, then it’s the perfect time to do an edgy pony updo. An edgy pony updo requires your hair be completely dry and free from tangles prior to styling. Brushing your hair from the roots down to the ends will remove the tangles and make your hair look smooth. Applying styling cream or glaze to hold your hair strands in place.

Using a hairbrush, pull all your hair up toward the crown area (closer to your forehead). Pull your hair tightly together to form a tight ponytail. Tying an elastic band around the base of the ponytail will keep it together. Flipping the ponytail toward the front of your head will result in a fountain-like tail or bang-like tail for medium-length hair. Sweeping the tail to one side if your hair is long will prevent it from covering your eyes. Placing bobby pins to the base of the ponytail or applying firm-holding hairspray will hold the tail in place.

Tight Updo

No one can say that you cannot have an updo if you have short hair. A tight updo works well for shorter hair, such as a bob cut. Separate your hair into small sections, and then gather each section toward the top of your head and tie them separately with elastic bands. Creating small curls of your bangs and securing them on top of your head with small elastic bands will keep them in place. Apply light hairspray for a better hold.

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